IguVerse Whitepaper
Genesis Collection
The Genesis NFT pet collection (first started as Iguanas, but not limited to them only) gives you the right to claim a Playable Characters Collection later. The collection is limited to 1,000 items for early adopters.
Iguanas Rank 0
โ€‹Iguanas Rank 0 is a special kind of NFT that will give you the right for an airdrop of IGU tokens with the value equal to the NFT mint price.
Playable Characters Collection
A collection of Playable Characters is required to participate in our Social-Fi game. Genesis collection will give you the right to claim Playable Character 1 : 1. The more pets you own from the Playable Characters Collection, the more power you get in the game, therefore you can collect more rewards.
โ€‹Allocation is the amount of token allotted to users based on their NFTs rank. Allocation of $100 means that the user is eligible to buy $100 worth of tokens with the special allocation price per token.
Token Generation Event (TGE)
Token Generation Event is the moment when IGU tokens will be issued on the blockchain and sent to users, who secured an allocation, according to the buy-in price.
Governance Token: IGU
โ€‹IGU will serve as the governance token of the project. The token will be issued on the Token Generation Event and offered to investors.
Reward Token: IGUP
โ€‹IGUP will serve as the main reward token of the game. It will be used for the in-game economy. It will be issued by the system, when users accomplish their tasks and sent to them as a reward, according to their NFT and upgrades level. It is used as an in-game currency to buy upgrades and level-ups.
Cliff is the period of time that must pass before the allocated amount of tokens is sent to the investor.
Vesting Vesting period, also called token lockup period, refers to a period of time in which the tokens sold in investment rounds are prevented from being sold for a specific period of time
Pet ID
โ€‹Pet Identification is a unique image signature that will help players find others' pets on social media.
โ€‹Socialize-to-Earn is an innovative mechanic that involves using social media platforms to perform daily tasks to earn reward tokens. Users are required to have an IguVerse NFT in their collection to get access to these tasks.
โ€‹Move-to-Earn is a recent variation of Play-to-Earn mechanic, which requires users to go outside and walk a certain distance or amount of time to get rewarded. In IguVerse it is associated with walking your pets.
โ€‹Play-to-Earn is the basic mechanic of all GameFi apps. It is a mechanic that rewards users with tokens when they play the game and do certain actions. In IguVerse it is associated with feeding your pets, while playing a simple reaction-based game.
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