IguVerse Whitepaper
Story telling
Love for pets is a miraculous thing. Sometimes we care about them even more than we care about ourselves. We share their pictures online, make funny videos starring them and sometimes even make social media accounts of them. This is one of the reasons why we are making IguVerse pet-centric.
We want to give users the ability to continue doing this kind of social activity and transform it into a viral social network experiment. People are busy bees and their daily routine sometimes devour them entirely leaving no time for pets. This way pets lack love and attention - we don't want that. On average, a person spends 2 hours and 27 minutes on social media a day, but it takes only 28 minutes of cuddling and playing with your pets to make them feel good physically and mentally.
Making IguVerse, we want, among other problems, to tackle this one seriously - that's why we introduce pet-centric Socialize-to-Earn concept, making it the main feature of our app. We merged social media activities and having a fun time with your pets - you can do both now without neglecting either your pet or your social media. You connect even deeper with your pet and get rewarded for that.
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