Playable Characters Collection

A Playable Characters is required to participate in our SocialFi game. The Number and Rank of the Playable Character NFTs you own determines your rewards.

Token Generation Event (TGE)

The Token Generation Event is the moment when project tokens are issued on the blockchain and are either sent or become available for claim to users, who secured an allocation, according to the buy-in price.

Governance Token: IGU

IGU will serve as the governance token of the project. The token will be issued on the Token Generation Event and offered to investors.

Reward Token: IGUP

IGUP will serve as the main reward token of the game. It will be used for the in-game economy. It will be issued by the system, as users accomplish their tasks, and sent to them as a reward, according to their NFT Rank and Level. It is used as an in-game currency to buy level-ups, to feed pets, as well as for a number of other upgrades.


Cliff is the period of time that must pass before the allocated amount of tokens is distributed to investors and other specific stakeholders.

Vesting Vesting period, also called token lockup period, refers to a period of time in which the tokens purchased in the investment rounds are prevented from being sold for a specific period of time.

Pet ID

Pet Identification is a unique image signature that will help players find other users' pets on social media.

Socialize to Earn

Socialize to Earn is an innovative mechanic that involves using social media platforms to perform daily tasks to earn reward tokens. Users are required to have an IguVerse NFT in their collection to get access to these tasks.

Move to Earn

Move to Earn is a recent variation of the Play-to-Earn mechanic which requires users to walk a certain distance for a certain amount of time to get rewarded.

Play to Earn

Play to Earn is a mechanic that rewards users with tokens for playing a game and doing certain actions.

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