IguVerse Whitepaper
Game economy

Revenue model

The following game economy will guarantee constant buying pressure for IGU token, which will result in the long-term tendency for the token to increase in value. Playable Characters NFTs will be denominated in IGU too, and, therefore, will increase in price organically with IGU growth.
  • Users will have to buy IGU to mint NFTs
  • 30% of IGU tokens will be sold and provided as liquidity for the IGUP token
  • 20% will be sold to BNB and kept in Treasury
  • 50% will be kept in a smart contract and partly burnt, while the rest will be distributed as staking rewards to IGU stakers

Taxes and fees

Royalty for NFTs on secondary market
IGUP token DEX royalty
IGUP withdrawal tax
fixed amount
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Revenue model
Taxes and fees