Energy is a value between 0 to 100 (%) that indicates how much a user can earn from their maximum possible reward, which is based on the NFT pet collection power. Energy is zeroed for every player at Reward time.

e.g. The user has an NFT collection with baseRewardPerDay=10. If Energy at the moment of Reward time is 100%, than the user will earn 100% of their reward=1*baseRewardPerDay . If it is 60% , than user will earn only 60% of their reward=0.6*baseRewardPerDay

This means that the user can't exceed their base reward per day defined by their NFT rank, its level and upgrades. The bare minimum the user can receive by doing a task is a 15% reward for accomplishing the daily Play-to-Earn task. The data on energy replenishment for each task could be found below in the table.

Minimum Energy Threshold

To ensure that each player is active and to tackle referral abuse, we introduced the Minimum Energy Threshold mechanic. Users will be able to earn their referral fees only if their Energy level is higher than 60.

Energy is distributed between different tasks according to the data below:

Socialize to Earn ShareSocialize to Earn VerifyMove to EarnPlay to Earn





This means that if user X has referred their friends to play the game, they will only get their rewards after completing Socialize-to-Earn daily sharing task and another task of their choice (except for Play-to-Earn, as it only yields 15% energy income), thus making their Energy surpass the Minimum Energy Threshold.

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