In order to play the game, it is necessary to create a virtual pet, which may be considered a representation of your real pet or could be created from your imagination. The virtual pet is an NFT that is minted in our app. You can learn about the NFT minting process here:

The NFT gives users access to the app and has such characteristics as Rank, Level and XP. These characteristics contribute to users' rewards.

To keep the NFTs usable, players need to be active in the game and obtain energy. Players are able to replenish their Energy Level by completing tasks in three game modes: Socialize to Earn, Move to Earn, and Play to Earn.

At Reward time (00:00 UTC), Energy Level is zeroed and converted to rewards in the $IGUP token according to the conversion ratio.

Inactivity in the game will lead to health damage to users' virtual pets, which will render the NFT unusable. Such NFTs can only be restored with $IGUP.

Gameplay explanation in our video

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