🦎About IguVerse

Socialize to Earn, Move to Earn, Play to Earn, Help to Earn

IguVerse GameFi app redefines the whole concept of NFT using AI / ML technologies. Unique user-generated NFTs are to become a new standard — NFT 2.0, dethroning faceless collections. In our GameFi app, we introduce an innovative game mechanic — Socialize to Earn, along with two more Earn concepts — Move to Earn and Play to Earn, where users can complete simple tasks like sharing pet photos on social media or walking and feeding them to get rewards.

We are creating a pet-centric Play to Earn social-network game, which combines the three most popular game mechanics: innovative Socialize To Earn, trendy Move to Earn and classic Play to Earn into one app.

IguVerse makes a breakthrough in Web3 gaming industry, as it adds social and community elements to a GameFi app. It is a brand new idea that allows pet people all over the world to unite in one app and earn cryptocurrency by going over their everyday social media routine.

Players get to play different minigames in the app, which rewards them with tokens based on their overall performance and the characteristics of their NFT assets.

Our mini-games:

Note: IguVerse app is currently in the development stage. Content in the Whitepaper might be modified in the future.

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