IguVerse Whitepaper
Anti-fraud system
Social media score
The game engine will analyze players' social media accounts and calculate the score based on their followers count and engagement. Users who are using fake profiles will automatically be banned by our algorithms. We won't punish low-score profiles, but it is in the user's best interests to boost their social media platform.

NFT transfer cooldown

Transferring a Pet NFT from one account to another will result in the Pet Cooldown period. Our system will monitor on-chain transactions. During the Cooldown period, users cannot use these pets to prevent getting double rewards.

Unsupported devices

Using devices that have been jailbroken, rooted, or with an altered OS will result in the IguVerse App not working properly and, occasionally, in the ban of the user who is trying to abuse the system. This anti-fraud system is implemented to ensure that each player has equal rights inside the game.
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