After the sign-up, the user has to create a new wallet in our app or import an existing one using their seed phrase/private key.

We implement a non-custodial wallet in our app. We do not store the user's seed phrase or private keys anywhere, it is stored as an encrypted string in the application storage on the user's device. In case the user loses their seed phrase, we won't be able to restore access to the user's account.

There are a few available wallets in the app:

BNB wallet

BNB wallet is used for paying gas fees. Also at the initial stage users will be able to mint NFTs with BNB, however, the price will be higher than with IGU.

IGU wallet

IGU wallet for main in-game currency IGU. Users need IGU tokens to mint NFT characters.

IGUP wallet

IGUP wallet - wallet for rewards tokens. Rewards tokens can be sold, and are used to level up and in-game stats upgrades. IGUP tokens are withdrawable only after reaching a certain minimal threshold.

NFT wallet

NFT wallet is a wallet with pets' collectibles.

The user can deposit IGU, BNB and NFTs, and withdraw from wallets at any time by signing a transaction with his wallet

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