🐶Create NFT from your real pet photo

IguVerse is using ML / AI algorithms to create a customizable NFT copy from a real pet photo. The photo of the user's pet can be taken right away or uploaded from the gallery.

Our machine-learning models were trained on hundreds of thousands of pet images to recognize all kinds of animals. Our algorithm is able to recognize if there is an animal in the photo with 99% probability and also guess the species of the animal with a very high probability.

Our app will reject non-animal photos, the user can mint playable NFT only if there is a pet in the photo.

Users are able to customize pet photos, and in later stages, we will add additional features like customizable pet clothes and accessories


We provide more than 30 unique backgrounds for NFT pets. The user is able to choose a background which will fit their unique style. We will expand our background library and even allow our community to introduce their own art.


Each user can choose a name for their pet. The pet's name will be visible to other users on the Marketplace and in the app. Once minted the name cannot be changed.


Rank defines the rarity of the pet and the maximum possible reward per day. Users can select the rank. Higher ranks will yield more rewards. Users can opt for a Free rank initially but upgrade to a higher rank at any time.

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