📣Socialize to Earn

Socialize to Earn consists of two separate parts: Socialize to Earn Share and Socizalize to Earn Verify.

To participate in Socialize to Earn task completion, the user needs to bind a public profile on social media to the app. The social media account must meet the requirement to its autheniticty, engagement metrics and following.

The task implies attaching Pet ID to any social media content and sharing it within supported social media platfroms, so that other users are able to find it and verify it.

Note: We do not require users to log into our app with their social media accounts. Users only need to provide a link to their public profile and complete the verification task. Once a user is verified, they are able to start earning rewards for social activities.

Every Pet ID contains important information that helps others to identify another user's pet:

  • Pet picture

  • Unique alphanumeric code (e.g. AB2S9L) which is generated every game iteration

  • Unique QR code which will lead other players to the game

  • Inscription with the name of the chosen animal welfare organization

Pet ID is available for download and can be customized directly in our app. Users can upload photos with Pet ID attached directly on social media platforms or use our app interface and the Share to button.

  • Instagram

  • TikTok

Facebook and Twitter accounts support will be integrated in the nearest future.

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