IguVerse Whitepaper
Socialize to Earn
The game requires player to have a public profile on social media, otherwise other players wonโ€™t be able to find their posts and participate in the game.
The player's main goal is to attach theircPet ID to any social media content and share it on social media, so that other users are able to find it and verify it.
Note: We do not require users to log in to our app with their social media accounts. Users only need to provide a link to their public profile and complete the verification task. Once a user is verified, they are able to start earning rewards for social activities.
Every Pet Identification image has important information that aims to help others to identify user's pet:
  • The picture of the pet
  • Rank
  • Pet level
  • Unique referral alphanumeric code (e.g. AB2S9L) which will allow other players to identify the pet. This code will also allow entering the game for other users
  • Unique QR code which will lead other players to the game (Referral system)
Pet Identification will be available for download or attach directly in our app. Users can upload photos directly on social media platforms or use our app interface and โ€œShare toโ€ button.

We will introduce different social media platforms for our users:

  • Instagram stories
  • TikTok reels
  • Twitter stories
  • Telegram channels
Socialize to Earn task replenishes the biggest part of the Energy level, as its the most important task in the game.
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