๐Ÿ“กSocialize to Earn as a viral mechanic

IguVerse users are rewarded for completing tasks in different categories. Socialize to Earn is the core mechanic of the IguVerse app that implies social user engagement.

Socialize to Earn is in essence a viral mechanic, which means it creates traffic without any additional investment, as it offers a very natural engagement pipeline.

In short, the user's journey has the following structure:

  • Early users of the IguVerse app, who are already familiar with Web3, mint Playable NFT Characters and start completing tasks. As part of the Socialize to Earn game mode, they are incentivized to share their content online with Pet ID attached.

  • The more the player completes social tasks, the more recognizable IguVerse Pet IDs are becoming among Web2 users.

  • Pet IDs being a new phenomenon stirred said Web2 users' curiosity and motivate them to try out the IguVerse app.

We believe that pet lovers are a perfect fit for the socialize-to-earn model, as engagement metrics are very high among them. According to Mars Petcare US, about 65 per cent of pet lovers post about animals on social media an average of two times per week. Moreover, a whopping 90 per cent of people have admitted they are more likely to engage with a post if it shows an animal, the report from network Three found, so we expect that our app will gain popularity among all pet lovers even if they donโ€™t own a pet.

Coupled with the concept of input-based NFT generation that makes each of our users an artist in a certain sense, socialize-to-earn and NFT generation offer great prospects in terms of being appealing to our users. Apart from being unique, our NFTs also contribute to the engagement pipeline mentioned above โ€” people like the way our NFTs look and want to share them on social media. Our AI seems to have a sense of style!

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