IguVerse Whitepaper
Referral system
The game has a built-in Referral system. The referral system is one of the main parts of the game and the way to spread the game to millions of users. There are 2 referral lines: First line - 5% of all rewards and purchases
Second line - 1% of all rewards and purchases

Referral purchases

Users earn rewards for all purchases of their first and second line referrals. These rewards will be issued as IGUP tokens and sent independently from main rewards for tasks at Reward Timeโ€‹

Referral game rewards

Users earn % of rewards from all daily activity rewards. The % is dictated by the line of referral and will be rewarded along with user's own rewards at Reward Timeโ€‹
Important notice: User have to play the game in order to get referral rewards from his referral structure. Referral rewards are distributed only if both user and his referrals are active players. For more information about this, consider reading about the Minimum Energy Thresholdโ€‹

Referral codes

New users can not join the game without referral codes. To enter the game, a new user must find the referral code of other users and can enter only using these codes. By performing social tasks users will share their unique code, which is the referral code, and other users may join the game only by using these codes.
We will distribute initial 10000 codes for our Early adopters.


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