🔗Referral system

The game has a built-in referral system which will incentivize players to promote the app further by providing benefits to them. The system coupled with our viral mechanic of Socialize to Earn will lead to an even more signifcant organic growth. There are 2 referral lines: First line - 2% of all rewards

Second line - 1% of all rewards

The referral code credits the refereed user's account with an additional discount of 5% for all future mints.

Referral game rewards

Users earn % of rewards from all daily activity rewards earned by their referees. The % is dictated by the line of referral and will be rewarded along with the user's own rewards at Reward Time.

Important notice: Users have to play the game in order to get referral rewards from their referral structure. Referral rewards are distributed only if both the user and their referrals are active players. For more information about this, consider reading about the Minimum Energy Threshold

Referral codes

New users can join the game without referral codes, but it is very beneficial for existing users to invite their friends and followers with the use of referral codes. Referral codes are different from Pet ID codes and should not be confused.

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