💱Revenue Model

We firmly believe that for blockchain projects, particularly those in the sphere of GameFi, it is essential to establish revenue streams in order to ensure long-term sustainability and viability. The Socialize to Earn mechanic combined with our strategic marketing efforts has proven to be a successful method for attracting new users. To date, the IguVerse app has been downloaded by over 500,000 users, all of whom are verified as real individuals through our stringent moderation policy.

Our strategy moving forward is to create a comprehensive advertising network to generate revenue for the project. These funds will be allocated towards rewards, team compensation, project development, and overall growth. After establishing the network, we plan to partner with major publishers and companies to advertise to a diverse audience, including a significant number of microbloggers – a demographic that is particularly appealing to larger companies. Additionally, we will look into diversifying the revenue streams by exploring options like expanding in-app purchases and other potential revenue sources.

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