🦄Create NFT from your imagination

To make each user's experience even more unique, we are introducing a new cutting-edge technology based on AI and machine learning models trained on hundreds of millions image samples that will allow each user to create their NFT pet by freely choosing their pet's characteristics. Users will be offered different parameters to choose from with the ability to determine the style of drawing and the emotional context of the pet and our technology will convert the parameters into an NFT using a state-of-the-art text-to-art model.

The variety of parameters gives users a lot of space for imagining what kind of pet image they want to generate. The technology will create the NFT based on the description in a few variants and the user will be able to choose which variant they liked the most. Such images will have no analogues taking personalized NFTs to an entirely new level.

Here are some of examples for different descriptions:

The info sections contain prompts used for pet creation.

Foxie: Fox, Oil on canvas, Small, Ginger, Happy

Leo The Hunteress: Leopard, 3D Render, Big, Black, Necklace, Standing

CyberMare: Horse, Digital Art, Brown, Hat, Headphones, Cyberpunk

Merry Fluffers: Fox, Oil on canvas, Red, Happy

Jag Nomad: Jaguar, Digital Art, Aggressive, Cap, Cyberpunk

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